We’re Opening Our Doors until 7pm for Stone’s Summer Evening Shopping Event – Thursday 19th July

As part of the ongoing campaign to promote the Stone Town Centre and it’s High Street, Direct Recruitment would like to extend an invitation to job seekers by giving them an opportunity to visit the agency outside of our normal business hours.

If you are actively seeking a new job, and would like some advice on job searches, want to discuss a vacancy you’ve seen with one of our consultants, or even want to know how to go about creating the right kind of CV in order to get the right kind of attention from potential employers.

We can do all of that!!!

You’ve got two options:

1. Feel free to pop in when you’re passing or…

2. Call us on 01785 819880 and book an appointment with one of our experienced consultants and get up to date advice and support on your job skills and experience.

We looking forward to seeing you!